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814 Firework Candy

is a cannabis strain with 50 % sativa and 50 % indica, the outcome of a genetic cross between MAC and Gelato (Pheno-7). This variety is a hybrid of a colorful and powerful which offers a high balanced and challenging. Firework Candy has a sweet aroma and creamy with notes of citrus and diesel. The buds are dense and frosted, with hues of dark green and purple. 814 Firework Candy has a THC level of 23 %, which makes it an ideal choice for cannabis consumers experienced.

The customers of Leafly, we report that the effects of Firework Candy, which include creativity, concentration and relaxation. Patients using cannabis for medical purposes will often choose 814 Firework Candy to relieve the symptoms associated with depression, fatigue and loss of appetite.

High Cresco, 814 Firework Candy presents flavors of sweet, citrus and diesel. The terpene dominant of this variety is limonene. If you are looking for a hybrid with a colorful and powerful that can improve your mood and your energy, 814 Firework Candy could be the variety that suits you. If you have smoked, vaporized or eaten Candy, share your experience by leaving a comment on the variety.nce taste festive, and relaxing with a combinaison unique flavors and CBD.

814 Firework Candy is a variety of cannabis hybrid that offers the experience of a vibrant and powerful. It is the result of a cross between MAC (Miracle Alien Cookies) and Gelato (Pheno-7), this creates a balanced mix of genetic sativa and indica. This combination contributes to its effects and unique features.

A notable feature of 814 Firework Candy is its colourful appearance. The heads have a structure that is dense with hues of dark green and violet, complemented by a layer of frosty trichomes. The visual appeal adds to the overall appeal of the variety.

In terms of aroma, 814 Firework Candy delights the senses with a sweet and creamy. Notes of citrus and diesel can also be detected, creating a profile olfactory intriguing and complex.

With a in THC content of 23 %, 814 Firework Candy is regarded as a powerful and is suitable for consumers who experienced cannabis. The effects of this variety are reported as stimulants and balanced. It can promote a sense of creativity, allowing for increased concentration. In addition, many users find it relaxing, this may be useful to relieve the symptoms of depression, fatigue and loss of appetite.

Cresco, a well-known company in the breeding of cannabis, is responsible for the development of 814 Firework Candy. The genetic profile of the variety and the terpene dominant, limonene, contribute to its distinctive flavours of sweetness, citrus and diesel.

If you are looking for a variety of cannabis that offers both visual appeal and a powerful and inspirational experience, 814 Firework Candy is perhaps hardly to be contemplated. As always, it is important to take into account your personal tolerance level and your preferences in the selection and consumption of cannabis varieties


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