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Pink Truffle is a variety of cannabis hybrid outcome of a genetic cross between Pink Kush and Truffle. This strain is a true delicacy, with a sweet flavor and creamy texture of vanilla cake and berries. With a THC level of 22 %, Pink Truffle is a great choice for cannabis consumers experienced in the search for a powerful experience and so delicious.

The customers of Leafly, we describe the effects of Pink Truffle as relaxing, joyful and euphoric. Patients using cannabis for medical purposes will often choose Pink Truffle to relieve the symptoms related to insomnia, pain and stress. Raised by Cannabis Dynasty, Pink Truffle presents flavors of sweet berries and vanilla. The terpene dominant of this variety is the caryophyllene, which gives it a effect and spicy anti-inflammatory.

This variety is perfect for use in the evening, because it can induce a deep relaxation and a mood of bliss. If you have smoked, vaporized or consumed Pink Truffle, share your experience by leaving a comment on the variety.

Pink Truffle cannabis


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