Lemon cherry Gelato


Lemon Cherry Gelato

is a cannabis strain that carries you towards new horizons of pleasure with its perfect balance between freshness and softness. Discover the delicacy of Cherry Gelato now !

Discover the perfect harmony of flavors with Lemon Cherr Gelato, a variety of cannabis exquisite that subtly combines the freshness of the lemon with the sweetness of the cherry. Immerse yourself in a taste experience that is unforgettable and let it carry you to new heights of pleasure. Order now and explore the delicacy of Cherry Gelato !

Lemon Gelato – The Perfect Balance between Freshness and Softness

Benefits :
Lemon Cherry Gelato offers a sensory experience exceptional with its unique combination of fresh lemon and cherry sweet. This cannabis strain is ideal for those seeking a refined flavour and a consumption experience exquisite.


1-OZ, 2-OZ, 4-OZ, 8-OZ, 1 lb, 5lb


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